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We have built a new site for our

Facebook Showcase Group

“Featured Artist of the Month”

Please visit to view the current selected work!


What is Facebook Showcase?

So many of you have kindly emailed me with wonderful photos of the jewelry or paintings that you have created based on my You Tube videos. Now there is a place to share those photos! Facebook Showcase is a *non-commercial*, educational group dedicated to learning from one another. We talk about tools and techniques, and enjoy seeing what we each create. Please consider joining the Realisticart Showcase on Facebook. Post pictures of your pieces; share; comment… I’ll be posting too!  Looking forward to seeing you there!


2 Responses to FB Featured Artist

  1. Pamela Pirtle says:

    I am recently retired and am enjoying creating art using watercolors. I am fascinated with the jewelry that you are creating using watercolors. I look forward to reading what other artists are doing in this group.

    • Ross Barbera says:

      Hi Pamela,

      Watercolors have so many wonderful applications. I hope you’ll enjoy discovering new ways to use them. Thank you for writing!

      – Ross

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