How to add beads to the classic Egyptian Link

7 steps to add beads to the Egyptian Link

Beads can easily be incorporated into the beautiful Egyptian Link. The beads can be added to the center of the spirals that form the primary design element of the link. If you have watched my video, “How to Create the Egyptian Link,” you watched me pinch the center of the spiral tightly closed, using my flat nose pliers. To insert a bead into the center of the spiral, instead of pinching the center tightly closed using your flat nose pliers, begin the spiral with your round nose pliers.

So how do you do this? Grab the tip of the wire with your round nose pliers, position the wire at the appropriate width of the plier’s jaw that is slightly larger than the bead that you intend to insert. Holding the wire firmly with the pliers at this spot, wrap the wire around the jaw of the pliers. The resulting circle should be large enough to accommodate the placement of your bead. Having done this, you can continue to wind the wire around the center of the inner circle in the usual way with your flat nose pliers. Do not add the bead until you are finished forming the link.

Insert the bead after both spirals have been created. The spirals on this link will not be as tightly closed as they are in the traditional Egyptian Link. Instead of being tightly closed because you started the spiral with the round nose pliers to form the center of the spiral, the link is now more open in its center.

Next, using your flat nose pliers, grab the tip of the wire at the center of the spiral, and pull it away from the wall of the inner circular opening. Then bend the tip to an upright position (see the photographs).

If your inner circular opening is the correct size, you will be able to insert the bead onto the wire, and then pinch the bead down to fit snugly into the center of the link.

I’m very interested to hear from you when you try this new beaded Egyptian Link! Your feedback is important, so please don’t hesitate to comment below.


Coming soon on You Tube!  A new video demonstrating the above technique- “How to Construct the Egyptian Link with Beads”

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5 Responses to How to add beads to the classic Egyptian Link

  1. Sara says:

    Beautiful work.

    • Ross Barbera says:

      Thank you Sara! I appreciate your feedback!

      Best wishes,

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  3. Charlie says:

    I love your work. A fantastic idea for watercolor paper jewelry. Thanks for continuing to share your videos and skills. It is greatly appreciated.

    • Ross Barbera says:

      Thanks for writing Charlie,

      When I first started in jewelry I worked primarily in metal, but as a painter, I loved incorporating enamels into my jewelry pieces. Then as my jewelry work evolved, and I started to translate my design ideas into paper constructions and also replaced enamels with watercolors. This seemed like the natural thing to do and the process gradually evolved.

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