Egyptian Link with Beads – Updated Method


Sometime ago I posted a blog article on “How to Add Beads to the Classic Egyptian Link.” This method involved adding the bead to the link after the link was formed. Recently I have changed my method and now add the bead before forming the spirals that are the dominant characteristic of the Egyptian Link.

This approach for incorporating beads achieves much better results, and it is the most effective way to include beads within this classic link.

Step 1



Cut six inch lengths of 20 gauge dead soft wire (metal of your choice) to form each individual link. Make sure that the measurements are exact.



Step 2


Fold the 6″ inch lengths of wire in half.

Step 3


After folding the wire exactly in half, hold the wire firmly with round nose pliers and crimp the wire to form the top loop.

Step 4


This step introduces the 90° curve below the loop that was just formed. To do this position the pliers at the base of the loop.







Step 5


Bend the wire at a 90° angle as illustrated in the photo. This bend is not a sharp angle; it is a gently shaped 90° curve.

Step 6a


This step will prepare the wire for the addition of the bead. Holding the end of the wire with round nose pliers, position the wire at approximately the 1/8″ inch width on the pliers. Bend the wire to form a half circle.

Step 6b



When the half circle is made, the wire should be pointing up.




Step 7



Position a bead on the end of the wire, and begin to spiral around the bead with chain-link or curved nose pliers.

Step 8


Turn the wire up around the bead until the newly formed spiral is approximately 1/2″ inch from the top of the loop.








This method of wrapping wire around a small glass bead will successfully integrate the bead into the Egyptian link.


See Part 1 of my original video series for instructions on How to Make the Egyptian Link Necklace.

Stay tuned for an upcoming video in which I’ll demonstrate my all new link necklace!


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4 Responses to Egyptian Link with Beads – Updated Method

  1. Eileen Freeman says:

    Wow! Such a different look with the beads added to it.

    • Ross Barbera says:

      My wife likes the additional of the beads too :)!

  2. MaBeatriz says:

    Great idea, Ross. I can’t wait to try this! Thanks!

    • Ross Barbera says:

      Great! Let me know how it goes!

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